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« Cintia is super professional and human, she explains everything in a simple way for anyone to understand. Her meticulous planning and expert guidance play a pivotal role in successfully navigating any project, ensuring a comprehensive strategy for the establishment or pursuit of noteworthy certifications such as ESR or B Corp.  I personally wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it as well as her.”


Charlotte Wallace

Business Support Manager/CSR

anderson wise

Anderson Wise is a Luxembourg based recruitment agency. The team has expert knowledge of the country’s key sectors and combine more than 175 years of recruitment experience.

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The challenge

As the social and environmental challenges of our world continue to evolve and impact our daily lives, Anderson Wise’s team wanted to make a change for the better. They wanted to integrate a sustainable strategy. With this project, they wished to understand where they stood and what to improve to contribute in a positive way.

In order to make sense of all the sustainable requirements and specificities, Anderson Wise preferred to collaborate with experts in the field. The intervention of an external support was necessary to enable the Anderson Wise team to conduct their daily work while also progressing on their sustainability project.

A beautiful green aide les entreprises à devenir plus éco-responsables

The strategy

To evaluate Anderson Wise’s sustainable situation, we used two main frameworks that allowed us to get a 360° picture of the current state of the company.

The BIA ( B Impact Assessment) from the B Corp certification and the ESR Guide from the ESR Label. Both those frameworks were useful in the evaluation and later, in the creation of their new sustainable strategy.

First, A Beautiful Green had to identify and onboard the internal champions who would be the main contributors for the project. With the initial team formed, we were able to create discussion spaces to understand the possibilities and the challenges for Anderson Wise.

The two frameworks we used, work on different areas of impact (governance, workers, community, environment, and customers). Following this structure, our team was able to identify the main points of improvement and start building a sustainable action plan for Anderson Wise.

Having understood what was already in place, and where improvements might need to be made, It was important for us to be a continuous support for AndersonWise’s team who carried this project in addition to their usual functions, so a phased approach was adopted. This included:

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    A one day workshop to present the strategy to the whole team and respond to the questionnaire.
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    Project management: launch planning, execution and monitoring.
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    The identification of the collaborators necessary for the realization of the project.
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    A workshop to present the intermediate result and the action plan.
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    The provision of a summary file containing the relevant documents.
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    Assistance in the creation of official documents.
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    Appropriate follow-up.
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    A one-hour workshop to present the conclusion of the project to all staff.
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The result

During this process, Anderson Wise team was able to see that a lot of sustainable practices were already in place but none of it was formally documented. Thanks to A Beautiful Green’s experts, new policies were integrated, and old practices were formalized. At the end of the project, the Anderson Wise team had a clear and structured sustainable strategy and guidelines for the future.

The common knowledge of the company regarding sustainability has also been increased. The project was an opportunity to raise awareness among the team members but also to ignite the conversation about the collaborators wishes to create a better impact.