The success story of Thalus

Grâce à sa collaboration avec A beautiful green, Thalus a pu améliorer sa communication avec ses fournisseurs

“With A Beautiful Green’s help, we’ve had the opportunity to improve our communication and strengthen our partnerships with our suppliers”


Pit Romersa

Thalus Founder

Grâce à la collaboration avec A beautiful green,

Thalus is a local start-up based in Luxembourg. The company cares about health and the environment, and so offers water sourced from a neighbouring region presented in packaging made almost entirely of organic, FSC-certified, environmentally friendly plastic. In addition, the company donates part of its profits to the organisation CARE, whose missions include providing clean drinking water to babies and pregnant women in Laos.

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The challenge

One of the main issues was the barrier of transparency in the supply chain. Another need was to find a certification that would support Thalus’ mission of providing safe water with a positive impact.

A beautiful green aide les entreprises à devenir plus éco-responsables

The strategy

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    Project management: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closure;
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    Presentation of B Corp certification open to all employees after consultation with the project manager;
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    Identification of key employees needed to carry out the project;
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    Provision of a summary of the documents required to obtain certification;
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    Intermediate point of contact with the certifying body;
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    Proposal of a roadmap including the areas for improvement (improvement plan);
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    Attendance and support at the verification meeting with the certifying body.
A beautifull green

The result

With the help of A Beautiful Green, Thalus had the opportunity to gain both a better overview and a more detailed vision of its network. A Beautiful Green was able to discuss many aspects of sustainable development with the project manager and raise his awareness, one of the greatest advantages of this project. Thalus has improved its communication and strengthened its partnerships with its suppliers. The company is now looking to incorporate more sustainable options in its future endeavours.

Since the publication of this article, Thalus was certified in January 2024. After two years of work on certification and related improvements, the company’s commitments have been recognized. Thalus does not intend to stop there and continues to advance its lasting impact.