Making sustainability a reality

A Beautiful Green’s mission is to promote sustainable development and make it a reality for companies.

We help you to anticipate, understand and implement sustainable actions in response to changes in our society.

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A beautiful green vous aide à mettre en place une stratégie permettant une meilleure gestion de votre impact environnemental

strategic plan

Together with you, we create a roadmap that will enable you to integrate sustainability into your organisation. Understanding your current positioning, defining the one you want to adopt and identifying priority changes are the core stages of our approach.

A beautiful green vous aide à obtenir la certification B-corp

B Corp

We support you in the B Corp certification process. Our B-Leaders advise you and act as an intermediary between you and the certifying body. We introduce you to a community of responsible leaders.

A beautiful green vous aide dans votre certification RSE

Label ESR/
Responsibility Europe

We support you in the label ESR certification process. Our experts advise you and act as an intermediary between you and the certifying body. We introduce you to a community of responsible leaders.

A beautiful green vous aide à analyser la performance sociale de vos fournisseurs pour qu'elle soit en concordance avec la vôtre


We analyse your key suppliers to assess their impact. This helps you have a better understanding of your purchasing policy and thus make the right decisions.

A beautiful green vous propose des ateliers de sensibilisation avec des thématiques adaptées à vos besoins


We create workshops adapted to the needs of your company to raise awareness on sustainable development practices. Together, we identify the topic, format and target groups, and provide you with the communication materials.

About our services

A Beautiful Green helps companies incorporate sustainability practices into their business strategy and implement them to achieve a true sustainable revolution.

We offer you clear and achievable changes that have a significant impact and allow you to reduce your operating costs while raising employee awareness. Our approach is tailored to your needs and develop tangible strategies so that you have a positive impact every day.

The services we offer reach out to every aspect of corporate sustainability and provide a 360-degree approach to ensure a successful transition.

With our experience in the sector and the knowledge we have built up over the years, A Beautiful Green’s team of sustainability advisors helps your company embrace sustainability and engage in a process that benefits both your business and the planet.

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A Beautiful Green certifié B CORP


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A Beautiful Green certifié B CORP

A Beautiful Green

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Poush, client de beautiful green


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Grâce à la collaboration avec A beautiful green, Yuhme a pu travailler sur son impact environnemental


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