We walk the talk

Several aspects must be taken into account when undertaking sustainable development to ensure holistic and sustainable governance. These aspects include a social dimension with regards the company’s direct or indirect community, and an environmental dimension relating to the overall ecological impact of the company’s activity.

Our vision and mission are closely intertwined and we believe it’s really important to live by our principles and lead by example. That’s why we want to share with you the various actions we are taking as part of our own sustainability strategy.

A beautiful green

Our codes and charters


Supplier code of conduct

A Beautiful Green has a clear sustainability strategy, which means we know our suppliers well. They are handpicked and evaluated according to specific ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria. We expect our suppliers to comply with our Code of Conduct in its entirety.

code of ethics

Code of ethics and professional conduct

Our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct sets out the values, principles and rules of conduct that govern our day-to-day activities.

Our certifications and labels

B Corp™ certification and the ESR label are two certification and labelling processes that we trust in. We believe they encompass a set of strict criteria that verify the holistic commitment of a responsible company.

The team is happy to announce that we are B Corp™ certified. In addition to being B Leaders, our agency is now officially part of the B Corp Community. This community brings together more than 5000 responsible companies who have decided to use business as a force for good.

We were also awarded the ESR label from INDR Luxembourg in 2020. Thanks to this label, we have also recently been awarded the Responsibility Europe label, a European-wide designation that brings together under one banner the majority of the labels considered most demanding in Europe. If you want to know more, feel free to check out this service.

Our community engagement

Working in Luxembourg, France and Belgium, A Beautiful Green is active in several communities. Like any business, our agency has an impact on these communities. In line with our social responsibility and values, we want to not only avoid any negative effects but also create positive effects!

We express our commitment through different actions and with different partners encompassing a variety of audiences. Here is our commitment below. We hope to continue taking action by integrating the communities around us as much as we can.

A beautiful green propose des ateliers de sensibilisation et d'éducation sur la thématique du développement durable

Raising awareness about sustainable development

Any sustainable development initiative begins and continues by raising awareness of the issues facing our society today. Becoming aware of your impact, the impact of others and how we can all help is an important step towards fostering sustainable development. Many are not yet familiar with the subject and underestimate the power of their actions.

That’s why we are active in schools, business incubators and entrepreneurship seminars. We actively participate in raising awareness among target audiences at all levels. Children will take action tomorrow and business owners are the prime movers of today, the ones who have the power to build the foundations of a sustainable economy.

We have been visiting several schools in Luxembourg to give awareness courses on sustainable development and sustainable entrepreneurship. Our team participated in the Summer School 2021 at the Plug-R business incubator. Our experts also took part in a seminar in collaboration with Infogreen, an information platform in Luxembourg.

We want to encourage innovation in the professional sphere and show future workers that a career in sustainable development is not only possible but worthwhile! It therefore seemed obvious to partner with the organisation “Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg asbl” which gives students the opportunity to spend a day with a professional. In this way, students can both gain awareness of sustainable development practices and share our vision for a day.

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Charity work

We want to extend our impact in a positive way. To do this, we sponsor one beneficiary student from the organisation Toutes à l’école. The organisation provides a high standard of education to girls coming from very low income regions, entirely free of charge.

Diversity Charter

On 30 September 2021, we signed the Luxembourg Diversity Charter, a national document for organisations wishing to commit to promoting and managing diversity. The initiative aligns with our values and social commitment. Through this charter, we wish to be proactive in the area of diversity and inclusion and to encourage the movement on a national level.Charte de la diversité

Our carbon footprint

The environment is just as important as social commitment. In 2021, A Beautiful Green measured its carbon emissions and put in place reduction targets.

A beautiful green vous aide à réduire votre empreinte carbone

Every company undertakes activities that generate emissions. Calculating carbon footprint is one of the most well-known measurements given that CO2 emissions are generated by any company, regardless of its size, offer or sector of activity.

A beautiful green vous aide à réduire votre empreinte carbone

In addition to measuring our carbon emissions, we have also set ourselves emissions reduction targets. As part of our environmental management system, we review our activities every year to ensure that we are making progress towards our goals.

A beautiful green vous aide à réduire votre empreinte carbone

We have already incorporated many eco-actions : waste sorting, recycling, teleworking and encouraging the use of public transport. All these sustainable behaviours are part of our daily lives and help us achieve our goals for sustainable growth.