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Sustainable development is a key issue that concerns all companies. Our experience has taught us that companies generally face two specific challenges. First, understanding the impact that sustainability can have on their business. Second, managing the implementation of a sustainability strategy.

We believe in the possibility of change and we encourage any company that wants to take part in sustainable and responsible growth.

That’s why we offer a range of services that – alone or in combination – will allow you to make a sustainable transition.

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Sustainability strategic plan

Are you aware that the social and environmental performance of your company is increasingly important? Would you like to implement a strategy to better manage your global impact? We help you create a sustainability strategy and integrate it into your business.

Like a roadmap you can refer to, we help you implement a sustainability strategy that includes sustainable behaviours with clear and achievable goals. We work with your teams to develop a strategy adapted to your company, and we guide you throughout its gradual and sustainable integration into your business.

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A beautiful green vous aide à mettre en place une stratégie permettant une meilleure gestion de votre impact environnemental

Carbon Footprint

Would you like to know how to reduce your carbon footprint ? A Beautiful Green supports you in measuring, analyzing and implementing simple actions with positive impacts.

Discover our carbon footprint calculation service, developed in collaboration with Tapio, specialist in carbon footprint management. Thanks to their user-friendly and collaborative platform, we help companies to precisely understand their emissions and take concrete measures to reduce them. Our approach takes into account the daily realities of businesses, thus ensuring lasting change and smooth integration of ecological practices.

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B Corp Certification

Looking to better understand how your company works? Want to evaluate your social and environmental performance, and create positive change? We’re here to help!

Issued by B Lab, an organisation with growing international recognition, B Corp certification is not only proof of civic commitment to your customers but also a gateway to a movement that brings together innovative social enterprises with a wealth of experience.

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A beautiful green vous aide à obtenir la certification B-corp

Label ESR/ Responsibility Europe

Find out how corporate social responsibility creates value for your company and for society.

The ESR label recognises the efforts made by companies that have decided to manage their ESG impact. Social responsibility, recognised by successful completion of CSR certification and being awarded the ESR label, covers both technical and human aspects. Responsibility Europe is the label for companies and organisations wishing to give their social and environmental commitments international recognition.

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A beautiful green vous aide dans votre certification RSE

Responsible Procurement Strategy

Whether you’re already working on a CSR initiative or you want to start the process, make sure you’re on the same page as your suppliers. Do they share your commitment to sustainable development? Be sure and analyse your suppliers. We identify your key suppliers, analyse them according to sustainable specifications, identify the risks, propose a roadmap and raise awareness among your employees.

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A beautiful green vous propose une analyse de vos fournisseurs suivie d'un plan d'action

Raising awareness

Every change initiative begins with raising awareness. Do you want to involve your company in sustainable development and raise your employees’ awareness of the issue? We offer a variety of workshops and presentations to suit your needs. After discussion with you, we create sustainability awareness workshops tailored to your company.

Together, we identify the topic, format and target groups, and provide you with all the communication materials.

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A beautiful green propose divers ateliers de sensibilisation et d'éducation sur la thématique du développement durable


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