“Elora and Cintia helped us review our ways of working and our practices from the get go. They enabled us to ask ourselves the right questions, be they about our customers’ relationships, our team processes, or the impact of our projects on the field. Importantly, they really pushed us to be as transparent as possible with our team and clients and open to feedback, which can be scary at first! This now enables us to better adapt and improve ourselves.”

Julia TerletCo-founder and "Behaviour Change" Director

“Cintia is super professional and human, she explains everything in a simple way for anyone to understand. Her meticulous planning and expert guidance play a pivotal role in successfully navigating any project, ensuring a comprehensive strategy for the establishment or pursuit of noteworthy certifications such as CSR or B Corp. I personally wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it as well as her.”

anderson wise
Charlotte WallaceBusiness support manager/CSR

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Cintia and I highly recommend her! She is a great expert on sustainability and can really help your organization’s efforts in this regard as she has done for us.”

klug law firm
Noah KlugManaging Shareholder

A Beautiful Green’s support was a decisive element in our B-Corp certification. Their input provided us with:

  • substantial time savings, given how long and time-consuming the certification can be;
  • valuable advice on how to answer the various questions, while ensuring that we sent the correct supporting documents;
  • peace of mind – when the process is a long one, you want to be sure that you will succeed in gaining the certification.

The pleasure of working with such a nice team was a big plus too! 

Thomas GuyotCo-Founder

“A Beautiful Green has been a constant companion to us. They’ve supported, motivated and advised us throughout the process and long afterwards, continuing to answer our questions when we’ve been implementing new sustainable initiatives.”

Poush, partenaire A beautiful green
Elise TimmermansProject Manager at Poush